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New Dawn Special Issue Vol.11 No.5
Home Apothecary: What Did Your Nanna Have In Her Medicine Cabinet? by Sandy Brightman; Quantum Intelligence: The Hidden Powers of Our Greatest Healer by Althea S. Hawk; Tapping: An Energetic Method for Health & Abundance by Sophie Merle; Radical Healing: Homoeopathy is Revolutionary & Subversive by Larry Malerba; The Miracle of Regenerative Medicine: Naturally Reversing the Aging Process by Elisa Lottor; Creating Healing Pods by Sandy Brightman; How to Access Your Birth-Given Intuition by Craigh Wilson; Psychic Hygiene & Emotional Pollution by Johnathon Dao; The Social Cords That Bind Us by John Nelson; The Primary Matrix: Himalayan Salt, Cell Salts & Other Miraculous Original Substances by Nicholas Corrin; Poisoned Generation: Living in a Toxic Age by Brett Lothian; PLUS MORE

The Masters of Gary Renard
By RICHARD SMOLEY — Around Christmas of 1992, a man named Gary Renard, living in the remote backwoods of Maine in the northeastern corner of the US, came out of a meditation to find two stylish, good-looking people, a man and a woman apparently in their thirties, sitting on his couch. He had never seen […]

The Kali Yuga: Dicing with Death
By GWENDOLYN TAUNTON One of the most well-known cultural imports from India that has exerted an influence on Western thought is that of the Kali Yuga. This topic has been particularly dwelt upon by the Perennialist School, which includes authors such as René Guénon and Alain Daniélou. The reason for the popularity of this subject […]

The Cathars & Their Modern Day Revival
By ANDREW PHILLIP SMITH Most forms of spirituality or religion look back to the past in some way. The past is a source of origin, tradition, revelation, and inspiration. For the medieval Cathars the most distant past was, as it is for most religions, the time in which the mythic foundation of the world was […]

What Are Humans Made Of?
By RICHARD SMOLEY The figure seems to hover around 95 percent. That’s the proportion of the universe that consists of dark matter and dark energy – entities that are only dimly and indirectly perceived by scientific apparatus. This fact has gotten wide attention lately, but one implication has gone unnoticed: if this is the case […]

Control 101: Creating Consensus Reality
By PATRICK HENNINGSEN By carefully controlling mainstream media and educational institutions, elite social engineers are able to control the flow of public discourse in order to serve their own goals and interests. By doing this, they create something akin to ‘consensus reality’. In other words, by controlling the perception of public consensus on any particular […]

New Dawn 164 (September-October 2017)
Has America Gone Mad? by Patrick Henningsen; The Decline & Fall of the US Empire by Patrick Henningsen; Western Disorder, China Rising... by Reg Little; From Information Warfare to the Break-Up of the USA: Decoding the Work of Dr. Igor Panarin by Dr. Kerry Bolton; Nicholas Roerich: Secret Agent of Hidden Masters by Peace Through Culture Committee; The 3 Types of People by Fred Dodson; Mundus Imaginalis: Dreaming the World into Being by Kingsley L. Dennis; Archetypes To Live By: The Power of Universal Symbols by Marie D. Jones; Matrix Magicians: Who Made Who And Who Made You by Trevor Ward; A Coordinated Corruption: How the Hidden Hand Created a Modern Crisis in the Middle East – Part 2 by Marc Star

Is the Brain Really Necessary? The Answer Seems to be a No-Brainer
By STEVEN GUTH This is what we’re told: Your brain is where your mind, consciousness and personality reside. “Reductionism,” noted the English writer & philosopher Colin Wilson, is the “simple theory that tries to explain the mind in terms of physical mechanisms.” Thus, consciousness “is a mechanism of the brain and nervous system.”1 Put another […]

Sacred Plant Healing: Shamanic Medicine & the New Science
By BRETT LOTHIAN In our modern age, all of us have been touched in one way or another by mental illness, either directly or indirectly. Depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress, and an ever growing list of psychotic disorders and addictions are today rampant in our modern industrialised world. Most likely a direct result of our […]

Can We See the Future? Exploring the Science of Precognition
By ROBERT M. SCHOCH, PH.D. The theme of this article is precognition. I will begin by relating an example, one included in a collection of precognitions compiled by the great psychical researcher of the late nineteenth century Frederic W. H. Myers (1843-1901).1 Mr. Haggard of the British Consulate, Trieste, Austria, gives the following account of […]

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