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New Dawn 162 (May-June 2017)
Rewriting Reality: The CIA & Hollywood by Patrick Henningsen; Free Your Mind from Mainstream Media Brainwashing by Patrick Henningsen; The Coming Techno Apocalypse by David Thrussell; Living on the Life Force: The Secret Science Behind the Miracles of Inedia, Orgone & Bodily Incorruptibility by Brendan D. Murphy; Restoring the Doctrine of Signatures: ‘As above, so below’ by Jennifer Gehl; Body Maps: Unlocking the Secret Points on Your Body to Restore Health by Sandy Brightman; The Druid Code: The Magic & Mystery of Megaliths – Portals into Another Reality? Part 1 of Greg Moffitt's discussion with Irish writer & artist Thomas Sheridan; Demonic Spirits: Part of Our World by Prof. Stafford Betty; Who Was Julius Evola, Really? by Prof. Joscelyn Godwin; What is a Radical Traditionalist? by Prof. Joscelyn Godwin

Magic in Mind
By DAVID CONWAY A question frequently put to me by newcomers to magical practice is whether there is a reliable way of distinguishing subjective experience from what exists independently of their perception of it. In other words, how can they be sure that what they witness during a particular ritual, even when it impinges on […]

Virginia Livingston, M.D.: Cancer Quack Or Medical Genius?
By ALAN CANTWELL, MD Cancer is the most frightening human disease and its cause remains elusive. Therefore, it seems inconceivable that the discovery of a germ cause of cancer would provoke such hostility among the cancer establishment. But, in truth, the belief in a cancer germ has always been the ultimate scientific heresy. In the […]

Quest for Hidden Wisdom: An Interview with Richard Smoley
Richard Smoley and Jay Kinney need no introduction to New Dawn readers. After successful careers as editors of Gnosis (1985-1999), the highly respected US journal of esoteric knowledge, in 1999 Richard and Jay published Hidden Wisdom: A Guide to the Western Inner Traditions to much acclaim (in May 2006, a revised edition of Hidden Wisdom […]

The Evidence for Time Travel
By HERBIE BRENNAN My first non-fiction book on time travel came about wholly by accident. I was interested in trying to discover whether or not there was much hard evidence for the sort of Ice Age civilisation mentioned by Plato in his account of Atlantis and also what level of technology such a civilisation might […]

Lemuria in Australia & the Pacific
By FRANK JOSEPH The most important questions we can ask are about ourselves, not only as individuals, but as a species. Where did we come from? How did we get here? A question that has bedevilled us for as long as we can remember is: Where and when did we take the step from savagery […]

Alien Abductions and Star Kids: An Interview With Mary Rodwell
By TONY MIERZWICKI The following interview with Mary Rodwell appeared in New Dawn 97. Mary has contributed an article to New Dawn Special Issue Vol 11 No 2 in which she provides information on recent cases and breakthroughs in the area of alien abduction and the Star Kids. Mary Rodwell, is the Principal of ACERN […]

New Dawn Special Issue Vol.11 No.2
New Dawn Special Issue Vol 11 No 2: Alien Covenant: Revelation of the Method by Jason Jeffrey - Alien Dreamscape: How the Reptilians Control the Human Race by Len Kasten - Reptilian Abductions: What You Need to Know by James Bartley - To Be Or Not To Be: An Analysis of the Grey Alien Phenomenon by Nigel Kerner - Hi-Tech Mass Deception: Are We Being Prepared for a False Flag ET Takeover? by Alan Glassman - George Hunt Williamson: Witness on the Front Line of UFO Contacts by Michel Zirger - Emerging into the Greater Galactic Community: Questions of Reality by Warren P Aston - The Dark Lord & the Dawn of Humanity: ETs, Archons & Fallen Angels by Universal Life Gnostic Fellowship - The New Human: Awakening to Our Cosmic Heritage by Mary Rodwell - Nazi UFOs: From Foo Fighters to Flying Saucer Aircraft – How Far Did They Really Get? by W. A. Harbinson - The Duce’s Disc: New Revelations on Mussolini’s Secret Study Commission into Italy’s ‘Roswell’ by Frank Joseph - William S. Burroughs: His Search for “The Visitors” by Matthew Levi Stevens

Mind Control in Australia
By DAVID THRUSSELL Philosophers and pundits have long discussed the nature of ‘reality’ itself. For convenience and simplicity we might consider two parallel ‘realities’: one a ‘physical reality’ (the limitations of the body, the physical environment, the mechanical activities and necessities of day-to-day survival) and another ‘mental’ or ‘psychic reality’: the lens through which your […]

From Witchcraft & Satanic Rites to Demon Possession
By RICHARD SMOLEY The supernatural: the images that come to mind when that word is uttered often are ones that arouse anxiety or dread. Why? To begin with, you can only be afraid of something that you believe is real. A child has a nightmare and wakes up; the parent consoles by saying “it was […]

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