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New Dawn Special Issue Vol.11 No.4
New Dawn Special Issue Vol 11 No 4: Pepe the Frog, Kek & Trump: A Study in Meme-Magic & Virtual Voodoo by Emma Doeve & Matthew Levi Stevens; What Do You Mean The Occult? Interview with Mitch Horowitz; The Black Arts after Fifty Years by Mitch Horowitz; From the Diary of an Occultist by Kurt Leland; Supernatural Stories of the Original People: Steven Strong on Aboriginal Australia’s Relationship with the Unseen World; How the Spirit World Communicates to Us by Brian Foster; Myths & Facts of the Crystal Skulls by W. A. Harbinson; Clearing Energy Cords by John Nelson; Psychic Self Defence: What You Need to Know by Institute for Gnostic Studies; Developing Your Paranormal Skills: Practical Exercises to Benefit From Your 6th Sense by Fred Dodson; PLUS MORE

New Dawn 163 (July-August 2017)
The Golden Age of Social Engineering by David Thrussell; One Belt, One Road: The World's Great Infrastructure Project by James O’Neill; Poisoned Planet & the Depopulation Agenda by Brett Lothian; Will Humanity Be Obsolete in Elite’s Future World of Cyborgs & A.I.? by Brett Lothian; Demographics & Destiny: Civilisation has been Down this Road Before by Dr. K.R. Bolton; The Goddess in the Machine: Restoring Intuition in a ‘Left Brain’ Dominant Techno World by John Nelson; A Coordinated Corruption: How the Hidden Hand Created a Modern Crisis in the Middle East – Part 1 by Marc Star; Ancient Highways: The Magic of Latitudes by Rand & Rose Flem-Ath; A Global Aboriginal Australian Culture? The Proof at Göbekli Tepe by Bruce Fenton; The Druid Code: Greg Moffitt in discussion with Irish writer & artist Thomas Sheridan Part 2

What Are UFOs? Terrestrial, Extraterrestrial & Metaterrestrial Theories…
If there’s one thing we learn from studying UFOs, there is no simple answer to what it’s all about. Most of the public – and even many Ufologists – tend to lump together all UFO incidents into a single phenomenon. But the evidence indicates there is no single explanation for all the material categorised under […]

New Dawn Special Issue Vol.11 No.3
New Dawn Special Issue Vol 11 No 3: Prophecy, World War III & Visions of the Future: An Interview with ‘Rogue’ Scholar John Hogue; Michel de Nostradamus: Fraud or a True Prophetic Savant? by John Hogue; Ancient Prophecies Modern Reality?; Polar Inversions & Other Cosmic Catastrophes by Adrian Salbuchi; Doctor John Dee: The Dream of Empire, The Nightmare of History by Matthew Levi Stevens; Dropping the Mask: John Dee & The End of Days by Emma Doeve; The Timeless Mystery of the Count de Saint-Germain by W.A. Harbinson; Gods of the Runes: Restoring the Original Norse Divinatory System by Frank Joseph; The Runes: Ancient Norse Keys to ‘Time Travel’ by Frank Joseph; George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff: The Spiritual Magician from the East. Interview with Tobias Churton; The End of the Kali Yuga in 2025: Unravelling the Mysteries of the Yuga Cycle by Bibhu Dev Misra; A Prophecy for Our Time? by Mehmet Sabeheddin; The Dawning Aeon of the Child: Personal Thoughts & Reflections by James Wasserman; Living at the End of an Age by Dr. K.R. Bolton

Is Our Sun Conscious?
By ROBERT M. SCHOCH, PH.D. I have been studying our Sun for some years, focusing on the influence of erratic solar behaviour (erratic from a modern human perspective) on the course of human development and civilisation. One of my major conclusions is that the last ice age ended abruptly circa 9700 bce due to a […]

Manipulating the Mass Mind & Attention
By FRED DODSON In my 30 years as a self-improvement coach, the most important insight is that where you put your attention is where your energy goes. If you find that hard to believe, try this: Walk through a crowd. Put your attention on the people. Then walk through the same crowd again and put […]

Reflections on the 2016 World Wide Wake Up Tour with David Icke
Recently, British author, researcher and activist David Icke visited Australia and New Zealand as part of his 2016 World Wide Wake Up tour. New Dawn published an exclusive interview with David in our May-June and July-August 2016 issues. Following his dynamic presentation to enthusiastic audiences around Australia and New Zealand, we asked David to share […]

Enlightenment in the East: Misunderstood & Misinterpreted
By JASON GREGORY Enlightenment in the East is often misunderstood and misinterpreted. It is completely different from the philosophical movement known as “the Enlightenment” in Europe during the 18th century. Eastern enlightenment is often studied but never experienced. It is usually viewed through our Western and modern linear view of life. Yet the Eastern view […]

Donald Trump & ‘Positive-Thinking’: An Interview with James Wasserman
Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! With sound self-confidence you can succeed. – Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Trump family pastor, inspiration to President Donald J. Trump & the Father of ‘Positive-Thinking’ US presidents have long spoken of their religious faith. Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush referred to the Bible and openly identified […]

New Dawn 162 (May-June 2017)
Rewriting Reality: The CIA & Hollywood by Patrick Henningsen; Free Your Mind from Mainstream Media Brainwashing by Patrick Henningsen; The Coming Techno Apocalypse by David Thrussell; Living on the Life Force: The Secret Science Behind the Miracles of Inedia, Orgone & Bodily Incorruptibility by Brendan D. Murphy; Restoring the Doctrine of Signatures: ‘As above, so below’ by Jennifer Gehl; Body Maps: Unlocking the Secret Points on Your Body to Restore Health by Sandy Brightman; The Druid Code: The Magic & Mystery of Megaliths – Portals into Another Reality? Part 1 of Greg Moffitt's discussion with Irish writer & artist Thomas Sheridan; Demonic Spirits: Part of Our World by Prof. Stafford Betty; Who Was Julius Evola, Really? by Prof. Joscelyn Godwin; What is a Radical Traditionalist? by Prof. Joscelyn Godwin

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