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The BIGGEST Sale is back Again!

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UPDATE March 26, 2020

From our email:

"As of yesterday, Tuesday, March 24 the store/warehouse (non-essential businesses) is closed to the public until further notice. As a result, we have made more changes to the Annual Open House by cancelling the in-person visits. We will announce a new date for in-person visits as soon as the situation clears up. The Video Live Sale is still scheduled for March 28, see details below. In the meantime shop online, 20% OFF until March 27."

Remote Sale: 1-on-1 video call with one of our sales representatives. Shop from the comfort of your home and enjoy free shipping (*some conditions) 


Partial Item Spreadsheet

Partial Item PDF

Hi everyone! We’ve just returned from two busy months of hunting the perfect gemstones for you. We explored many countries including Brazil, Tucson, Pakistan, India and Madagascar to get you a flawless collection. Like before, we’ve picked up lots of new stones, many of which we have never even seen before, including museum quality and giant breathtaking specimens totaling an impressive amount of 90,000 pounds!

We are proud to announce you that we will be organizing our Third Pre-Processing Open House Wholesale Week from March 28 to April 3 at our warehouse, following last year's great success. The warehouse has been expanded from 3,500 square feet to 8,000 square feet to fit the stock from last year and what is coming now! ( directions here). We have been receiving many requests, but keep in mind that this amazing show is exclusively for our wholesale customers.

Everything, from old to new stock (over 140, 000 lb) will be sold by weight at lower than wholesale prices. So what are you waiting for? Come and see us to get the first pick! Dig out from crates, drums and boxes to find your favourite gem at rock-bottom prices.

We are having this Cheaper-than-Wholesale Week just to thank you for your continued loyalty towards Stonebridge Imports. The event will take place at Unit 1A, 842 Victoria St. N.

I’m sure you’ll want to know what you will be getting when you come to the event. (Please see the complete list by clicking here.)

The show features a range of new gemstones, including a naive variety of hearts, Celestite geodes, Tiger’s eye sphere pieces and some unique pieces like extra-large Quartz pyramids, vibrant Shells and assorted Skulls. You will also be seeing some new Vanadite collection in various weight classes as well as some beautifully flat polished Labradorite pieces. We will be selling Moqui marbles, Abalone, Ulexite, Shattuckite and Loadstone. New Mexican Amber nuggets and Blue lace Agate will also be displayed in our warehouse. Moreover, we’ve got stunning purple Kunzite from Afghanistan, and one brand new stone ; Moissanite from India, about which we are excited the most!

From China, we have Scepter Quartz, Black Quartz and Tektite stone specimens. 

From Madagascar, we've picked up Ammonite, Flamed sculptures, and Celestite Druze stones.

From Peru, we've acquired some amazingly shiny turquoise blue Chrysocolla shapes that will simply take your breath away!

Upon your request, we'll be bringing gorgeous Moissanite pieces, all the way from India; perfect for jewelers to add more charm to their collection. 

From Russia, we have a slew of new Shungite products (pyramids, spheres, merkabas and soapstone), Eudialyte and Charoite in different sizes. 

From Brazil, we've picked up Red Jasper, Amazonite, Hematoid, Lemurian, and Amethyst. We have high quality Lepidolite flakes , as well as Kyanite beads in extra quality stones.

This is a rare opportunity to dig your favourite crystal out first hand. You do not want to miss it! Come meet us at this grand event at our new warehouse! 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to  (reach us out).

See you then!

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