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What on Earth is Specular Hematite?

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Specularite or specular hematite is a beautiful stone with a silvery and shimmering surface and a black undertone that may come across as navy blue or grey. Sometimes it can occur in dull formations, but it usually has a distinct metallic luster and includes traces of mica. Specularite can be found worldwide, but it is primarily found in England, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Venezuela, Brazil, Canada, and the USA.

The Physical Properties of Specular Hematite

variety of hematite – a common iron oxide present in soils and rocks. It has the same crystal structure as corundum and ilmenite and crystallizes in the rhombohedral lattice system. It is colored red, brown to reddish-brown, and steel to silver-gray. The gem is mined as one of the primary ores of iron besides martite, iron rose, and kidney ore. All those forms of hematite may vary, but all of them have a rust-red streak. It has a value of 5-6 on the Mohs scale of hardness and is harder than pure iron but much more brittle.

The History of Specular Hematite

Hematite got its name from the Greek word haima (blood) because of the red coloration in some varieties. Specular refers to its mirror-like properties due to its metallic luster. One of the earliest writings in the history of humans was the red chalk writing of the mineral. In its powdery form, it was first used about 160,000 years ago for social purposes. It was found in graves in Hungary and Poland, dating from 80,000 ago. In Victorian England, hematite was quite popular as jewelry, while some varieties have been used in gilding.

The Lore of Specular Hematite

In ancient times, people believed that huge deposits of the mineral formed on battlegrounds where soldiers were killed or injured and lost blood from their injuries. Egyptians used to place hematite objects inside their tombs. It was believed to be a grounding and healing stone that helps lessen stress, strengthen the body, and enhance its wearer’s personal magnetism.

The Metaphysical Properties of Specular Hematite

Specular hematite is a gem useful during healing. It dissolves negativity and grounds a high vibrational state, balancing the meridians and one’s Ying Yang energies. It instills deep, inner peace by calming the mind, assists cognitive functioning, development, and memory, and boosts self-worth and confidence. When used in meditation, specular hematite aids connection to the energy of the soul, past-life recall, and Angelic realm communication.

The stone forms a link between the Root and Crown chakras to ground the higher (spiritual) frequencies and raise the lower (grounded) frequencies. It encourages those who wear it to be without fear of judgment and awakens the true spirit, helping them be their true selves. Specular hematite’s vibrations can take one beyond assumptions or norms of what a true spiritual path might be, allowing those who use it to form their own path freely and through unique self-expression of spirit.

When wearing or carrying this stone, it can help you identify your unique talents and how you can use them in any endeavor or situation. You may begin to notice your visions or talents shining outward (whether working on specific projects or going through day-to-day activities). The star-like patterns present on specular hematite are there to remind you that the stars are not as far away as you may think.

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