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First Pick / Pre-Processing Wholesale Open House

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Hi everyone! We’ve recently just returned from the month-long jewelry/gemstone show in Tucson, Arizona, where we mostly consolidate, instead of buying, many of our overseas orders. We’ve picked up lots of new products, many of which we have never even seen before, as well as museum quality and giant breathtaking specimens totalling over 45,000 pounds!

For the first time ever we are having a pre-processing open-house wholesales week happening between March 24 through 29 at our brand-new, 3,000 square feet warehouse (directions here) private and exclusive to our customers. Everything from that Tucson shipment as well as all the latest received shipments not yet processed (another 40,000lb) will be sold by weight at lower than wholesale prices, so come and see us to get the first pick, dig out from crates, drums and boxes to find that perfect gemstones at rock-bottom prices!(No pun intended).

With this new extra location at Unit 1A, 842 Victoria St. N. (8 minutes down the road from our current location - would be 2 minutes but pay attention that the bridge over the highway has been taken down -, click here for directions), we are expanding our warehouse and storage capacity due to higher demand. We are having this cheaper-than-wholesale sales week as a way to thank you for your continued support and patronage in choosing Stonebridge Imports as your go-to supplier for all things rock and gemstones.

Well, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down to business, as I’m sure you’ll want to know what you will be getting when you come (see a more complete list, although partial, by clicking here).

The show features many new products, including amazonite and carnelian hearts from Madagascar, celestite geodes, labradorite cabochon pieces and some unique items like extra-large rose quartz and septarian generators as well as a petrified wood sink bowl. Also from Madagascar we have tumbled rhodonite gemmies and tumbled sea jasper stones. You will also be seeing some new celestite druze in various weight classes as well as some beautiful flat polished labradorite pieces. Originating from Guangdong and Xinjiang provinces of China, we have tektite and garnet stone specimens. Due to customer inquiries, I have acquired stabilized turquoise tumbled stones and am also pleased to be bringing back zincite to our inventory, as well as more pyrite products, including spheres and tumbled stones in various sizes.

We will be selling Dumortierite in tumbled stones, which we didn’t have before, as well as apatite rough stone chips from Africa. Rough azurite slices have also been in high demand, so please check those out. You will also see some new serpentine products, including pyramids, pendants, spheres and small bears. From Indonesia I’ve also brought back many rough bumblebee jasper rocks. Further on sale will be merlinite and morganite tumbled stones as well as sugilite slices. Brand new among our inventory is Muggle stone tumbled and Malacolla. Flint is another type of quartz that we’ve seen lots of demand for, and which we are now pleased to be offering.

From the Meng Yuan in China I’ve picked up a large number of spinel; perfect for custom jewelers looking to add more colours to their creations. From Brazil I’ve also brought back in stock literally tons of amazing amethyst cathedral pieces, some of which are extremely unique and weighing several hundred kilograms, including a couple of 8ft tall amethyst matching pair cathedrals. We have also acquired “never seen before” 3 giant amazing 700kg rose quartz and clear crystal spheres we’re selling at a very reasonable price. From Herkimer Diamond Mines we have acquired over 1,200 Herkimer diamonds. Other unique bracelets and necklaces featuring Herkimers will also be on sale.

We have also acquired the mesmerizing spectrolite in tumbled stones and golden labradorite. I am also happy to be offering you auralite amethyst, which we didn’t carry before. From Russia we have a slew of new shungite products, including pyramids, spheres, merkabahs and soapstone. All in various different sizes. If you love shungite, we also have shungite beads of 6 and 8mm. Necklaces and bracelets made with tumbled shungite are available from 7 to 20mm. Other stones I’ve picked up from our Russian supplier are some rough eudialyte and astrophyllites. I’ve also picked up many small inexpensive tumbled seraphinite pendants. For the eudialyte, tumbled stones will also be on sale. I have high quality lepidolite spheres, as well as kyanite beads in extra quality stones.

So come to our new warehouseThis is a rare opportunity to dig your crystal out first hand and to pass even more savings to your own clients! Come and chat with myself, Saffron, Arthur or any of our staff. Let us know of any questions you have regarding the stones.

See you then!

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