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Amazing Amethyst: Purposes, Properties, and Powers

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Powerful and protective, Amethyst is a semi-precious stone which is a violet variety of mineral quartz.

Through the ages, Amethyst has been linked to legendary powers that stimulate the mind and soothe emotions. It is the traditional birthstone for those born in the month of February. It promotes creativity, self-awareness, and insight. Amethyst’s potent metaphysical properties have been linked to spiritual and physical healing.

Physical and Metaphysical Properties of Amethyst

Primary Chakra: Third-Eye-Chakra

Secondary Chakra: Crown-Chakra

Crystal System: Trigonal-Crystal-System

Chemical Composition: SiO2 Silicon Dioxide

Astrological Sign: Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo

Numerical Vibration: Number-3

Hardness: 7-Hardness

Geography: Bolivia, Brazil, China, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Tanzania, Uruguay

Rarity: Common

Mineral Class: Silicates, Tectosilicates

Amethyst’s Color

Extra Grade: Deep dark purple to beautiful light purple color, partially translucent, 10-25%

A Grade: Nice purple dark to light color, partially translucent, >25% Matrix

B Grade: Poor purple color, opaque, >25% Matrix

C Grade: Poor purple color, opaque, >75% Matrix

History: The Legend and Lore of Amethyst

In ancient times, Amethyst was referred to as a “Gem of Fire” and historically was worth as much the diamond. In Greek, its name translates to “not intoxicated” based on the on the ancient belief that it protected its wearer from getting drunk.

According to legend, Amethyst was nymph pursued by Bacchus, the Roman God of Wine, and in her desperation to escape him and remain chaste, called to the chaste goddess Diana for help who transformed her into a shiny white stone. In anger, Bacchus threw his glass filled with wine on the stone which gave it its purple color. There are other variations of the myth behind Amethyst, but all speak of the stone acquiring its enchanting purple color from wine.

Believed to be a powerful psychic stone, Amethyst was believed to have protective powers against witchcraft and black magic. Ancient Egyptians used Amethyst to guard themselves against guilt and fear.

Uses and Purposes of Amethyst

Most Amethyst is faceted into jewelry cuts. Larger chunks of Amethyst banded with Quartz is often carved into ornaments.

Amethyst is very popular among mineral collectors. Most mineral collectors buy small geode sections and tumbled stones, while experienced collectors seek the rare prismatic crystals and large geode sections.

While Amethyst is known for its effective healing properties in people; it’s believed to heal animals and plants. Geodes or unpolished Amethyst can be placed in soil where plants to stimulate their growth. In areas that pets may refuse to sit, lay natural Amethyst to counter negative energies.

To curb obsessive-compulsive tendencies and hyperactivity, Amethyst’s soothing properties assist the transmission of neural signals to the brain. Place Amethyst under the pillow to stimulate good dreams or rub on the center of the forehead counter-clockwise to cure insomnia.

The “All-healer”: Amethyst’s Healing Properties

Physical Healing

Used for its powerful ability to strengthen immunity, Amethyst is credited for boosting the production of hormones that stimulate the nervous system and endocrine glands to perform at optimal levels. Its healing properties support in the treatment of the digestive tract, skin, stomach, and heart and it supports oxygenation in the blood.

Amethyst is believed to treat insomnia and stabilize imbalance in the brain. It’s been known to alleviate the pain brought on by migraines and headaches which results in the reduction of stress and anxiety.

Emotional Healing

Calming those who are susceptible to anxiety, Amethyst centers those who are stressed and overwhelmed. By creating balance, Amethyst fosters the ability to make better decisions by unlocking wisdom. Amethyst is called “the soul stone” for its ability to connect one’s soul and physical state. When one’s emotions are at peace and balanced, it becomes the catalyst for the physical body to heal and relieve itself of tension and ailments.

Spiritual Healing

Believed to stimulate the higher mind to accept one’s spiritual power, it is said that Amethyst opens one up to great wisdom and guidance. Amethyst’s purifying properties cleanses the energy from negative energies and attacks on the psyche. 

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