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October Madness at Stonebridge Imports & The Rock Spa

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You’ve been eyeing that chunk of boulder crystal for a while now, but you just can’t quite bring yourself to fork out the extra dough. Or maybe you’ve cleared a space on your shelf for a big, colorful amethyst cathedral full of druzy quartz, and you’re waiting for that birthday check from grandma to fill it. Do you daydream about slabs of agate, salt crystal lamps, or that showpiece for your store? Trust me, we get it.

Just when you thought that the deals couldn't get any better at Stonebridge Imports we are moving the goal line once again! This month our October Madness event is providing a storewide discount for all of our private sales and wholesale customers. Are we crazy to offer this sale again after last year? There is only one way to find out.

What Is October Madness?

Since 2002 we have sought to build the premiere gem retailing business in Ontario, and our 5000 square foot repository is jam-packed with inventory this time of the year. Many of these are big-ticket items that we want to move, and this is the time of year to clear some valuable space for our new inventory. With this in mind, all products over $800 will be offered at a 30% discount to sweeten the deal on these beautiful gemstone imports. What's more, we are offering a 10% discount on all other products starting from October 1st until the 31st. Autumn is in full swing and we are cleaning the house, so our loss will be your gain! Whether you are a wholesale customer or are just looking for a singular gift we will cut you the same deal.

Why You Can't Miss Out On This Event

Our gemstone products are just as beautiful in October as they were all throughout the year, and indeed will be for centuries to come. The only difference is that in October you have us over a barrel and we need to make a deal. At the end of October, we will return to listing all of our in-store and online orders at full price, so if you are in the market for gemstones you cannot miss this event! Take the opportunity and stock your shelves just in time for the holidays or get your loved one a gift that they will remember for years to come. Holiday festivities are right around the corner and you will be hard-pressed to get a deal like this during the winter shopping rush.

Here are only a few of the most exquisite large specimens in the world awaiting for you or one of your customers:

Smoky Quartz Giant Sphere Handmade gemstone smoky Quartz sphere with lovely pink inclusions, white and light gray-brown colours with really big size measuring approx 22 1/2" diameter! This amazing and unique piece has been carefully carved and polished with natural quartz that comes from Brazil. One of a kind decorative, architectural piece of art that are truly beautiful.

Giant Rose Quartz Generator Get ready to be blown away by the mass and majesty of the giant unique rose quartz generator. Custom-made for Stonebridge Imports with pure, A-quality rose quartz, this masterpiece of stone-making radiates positive energy and captures the attention of any room it is in.

Citrine Giant Geode Natural It is truly unique for it's magnificent size measuring approx. 19 1/2" in length, 15" wide and a very big depth of 

26" that allow for interesting formation of cluster points that range in size. This geode has a custom made iron floor stand that comes with the piece and measures 20" high.

Titanium Amethyst Cathedral Unique #16 The circular geode shape of this cathedral makes this product stand out from the rest. Teal, pink, blue, and yellow surface. Large blue points with a reflective shine.

Chrysocolla And Malachite FreeForm Polished Unique #8 This big hand-polished piece is unique in its kind. Mixture of blue chrysocolla in malachite layers form boytrose patterns which makes it a beautiful piece for decoration, meditation and healing. It’s a very rare piece, the patterns are clearly visible and are darker in color.

The Rock Spa

Have you heard about our sister company, The Rock Spa? We offer natural, holistic healing therapies that are sure to relax you, realign you with calming energy, and send out into the world with peace and love to share. We have special family packages for you and your loved ones for the whole month of October. Take a look at some of the special therapies we offer!

Halotherapy - This technology uses pink Himalayan salt to open up your respiratory system while killing bacteria and cleansing your respiratory tract.

Crystal Bed Chakra Healing This energizing experience uses a mixture of light and sound to rejuvenate your cells, tissues, and organs and infuse your whole body with positivity.

Flotation Tanks – If you haven’t tried R.E.S.T. flotation therapy yet, do yourself a favor and book a float today! This incredible therapy gives you a feeling of weightlessness in a specially engineered, soundproof tank filled with comfortably warm water and 800 pounds of dissolved salt.

Whether you are a rock hound, a yogi looking for some holistic healing therapies, or you just need to let out your inner hippie for a bit, come down to The Rock Spa and Stonebridge Imports! If you have any questions about our therapies or products, give us a call at 877-859-4367!

Join The Madness!

October madness at Stonebridge Imports will be running all throughout the month of October, but don't wait too long because some of the best pieces flew off the shelves early last year. Shop online or in-store to lock down the jewelry, gifts, and home decor you are looking for. Like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to get more information and learn about upcoming promotions.

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