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We're Hiring! Marketing Assistant.

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E-Commerce / Brick & Mortar Marketing Assistant For An Innovative Company

Stonebridge Imports & The Rock Spa - Kitchener, ON

We are currently seeking a reliable, self-starter who has passion in digital marketing and operations for a company that sells unique products and services. Working for a small brick & mortar as well as an e-commerce company you'll acquire highly marketable skills and experience pertaining to every aspect of running a successful business. You'll soon discover that every day is different because it is filled with so many new, exciting, rewarding and often unexpected challenges. There is one consistent aspect, however - everyday, you'll learn more about sales/marketing, customer service, business management, and administrative skills than you ever thought possible. Will will train the right candidate.

The Opportunity

Founded in 2002, Stonebridge Imports/The Rock Spa, Ltd. has grown to become one of the largest and fastest growing specialty rock and gemstone giftware companies in Canada.

For this role, we need you to have a sparkling personality, and a “rock solid” work ethic & positive attitude. If you are a dedicated, hardworking, and a commitment to achieve goals, looking for the perfect career opportunity where you can grow and develop, don’t wait! You don’t want to miss out on this opening.

Stonebridge Imports is proud to offer competitive benefits, leadership development programs with rapid career growth potential, state of the art automation, team member incentives, full-time opportunity.

About Us

Stonebridge Imports is a natural rock, gemstone and jewellery distributor. Since 2002 our small family operation in Kitchener has grown to a business retaining nearly 20 employees distributing products to consumers and businesses across Canada and to USA. We are committed to implementing practices that are both sustainable and ensure safety. Our employees are an extension of our family, each of whom has an opportunity to impact every area of the business.

At Stonebridge Imports, we have two primary goals: “Enriching our customers’ quality of lives by providing healing services & products that rock”, and creating an atmosphere where our company can function as a family away from home. We believe it takes hard work, dedication, and a vast amount of time to achieve greatness, so we find it paramount that the people we work with are those we trust, rely on, and want to be around. We believe that our source of income for our families can function as a family itself, and we take pride in standing up for each other.

If you want to be a part of our journey of success and surround yourself with positive successful people and think you have the skills to cut it, please apply as indicated hereby.

Position Information

Supporting the marketing manager, you’ll be at the heart of driving marketing campaigns for products and services. An important cog in the marketing wheel, you'll be expected to be involved at all levels, including drafting press releases, updating clients and organizing promotional events. 

Work flexible overtime deemed necessary. Assist coworkers in other areas of the warehouse once core duties are complete for the overall success of the entire warehouse team.

The work can get fast-paced so being adaptable to frequent changes on our production lines should be expected. We may ask you to rotate a shift on occasion and (not that often) work on a holiday.

We provide on-going training and development plans at all levels to prepare Team Members for growth and career advancement. We want our future Team Members to have a great attitude, a willingness to learn and the desire to be part of SBI for many years to come.

Job Functions:

  • Press release, blog articles, newsletter and web content creation and distribution for products and services (under supervision, manage a team of free-lance writers)
  • Design and create presentations, flyers, brochures, banners, making edits to websites via CMS maintaining a consistent look and feel for all material produced
  • Use social media and search engine marketing - SEM - as tools, helping to drive online traffic with web-related campaigns
  • Assist with affiliate marketing activities and referral programs
  • Maintains marketing library by checking and replenishing inventory (submitting orders to our printers to fulfill material needs of our front ends)
  • Working under management to put together seasonal marketing campaigns (brainstorming new campaign ideas and analyzing data)
  • Assisting with trade show and event coordination
  • Perform additional duties, as required

Essential Capabilities:

  • Proficient with Windows, Microsoft Office applications (emphasis on Excel) and various internet browser is mandatory - we will test!
  • The ability to efficiently and accurately enter and manage data is essential (Accurate keyboarding, editing, proofing, grammar and data entry skills)
  • Have the ability to learn new applications and software. Basic knowledge of social media
  • Must demonstrate a strong interest in e-commerce, web marketing and design.
  • Continuous attention to detail is critical, the candidate must be able to look at large sets of data (strong analytical skills)
  • Ability to handle multiple priorities simultaneously
  • High sense of urgency; Team player; Adaptive and flexible
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills


  • Basic web technologies (FTP, Web-dev, HTML, CSS, PHP and Java Script)
  • Basic understanding of Google products such as Webmaster Tools & Analytics
  • Excellent at Excel (Pivot Tables, Macros VBA)
  • Basic design knowledge (Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, gpa 3.0 vectored illustration)
  • Experience shooting and editing product photos for e-commerce websites
  • Understanding of consumer mentality & Interest in rocks, gems and minerals


  • Opportunity to work with a successful and growing company
  • Discounts on products and services
  • Learn by doing: E-commerce, B2B & B2C marketing skills

Required Education:

  • College degree

Required experience:

  • 1 year of hands-on marketing experience
  • Job Type: Full-time

Job Location:

  • Waterloo Region

If you qualify for this position, please submit your resume via e-mail.

Please direct all inquiries/apply to Region of Waterloo Community Services
Contact: Kim Richards
Email: employmentontariojobdevelopment@regionofwaterloo.ca

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