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We’re Hiring! Warehouse Admin Assistant

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Warehouse Assistant & Packer

Kitchener, ON

Founded in 2002, Stonebridge Imports, Ltd. has grown to become one of the largest and fastest growing specialty rock and gemstone giftware companies in Canada.

Stonebridge Imports is looking for a self-motivated, top notch individual to help serve our customers as a warehouse staff/ Multi-Purpose Role.

The Opportunity

Stonebridge Imports (SBI) is a rock giftware warehouse. For this role, we need you to have a sparkling personality, and a “rock solid” work ethic & positive attitude. If you are a dedicated, hardworking, and a commitment to customer service looking for the perfect career opportunity where you can grow and develop, don’t wait! You don’t want to miss out on this warehouse opportunity.

Stonebridge Imports is proud to offer fair wages, competitive benefits, leadership development programs with rapid career growth potential, state of the art automation, team member incentives, full-time opportunity.

About Us

Stonebridge Imports is a natural rock, gemstone and jewellery distributor. Since 2002 our small family operation in Kitchener has grown to a business retaining nearly 15 employees shipping products to retailers across Canada and to USA. We are committed to implementing practices that are both sustainable and ensure safety. Our employees are an extension of our family, each of whom has an opportunity to impact every area of the business.

At Stonebridge Imports, we have two primary goals: “Enriching our customers’ quality of lives by providing healing services & products that rock”, and creating an atmosphere where our company can function as a family away from home. We believe it takes hard work, dedication, and a vast amount of time to achieve greatness, so we find it paramount that the people we work with are those we trust, rely on, and want to be around. We believe that our source of income for our families can function as a family itself, and we take pride in standing up for each other.

If you want to be a part of our journey of success and surround yourself with positive successful people and think you have the skills to cut it, please apply as indicated hereby.

Position Information

A Warehouse Assistant & Packer with SBI is responsible for daily operations in the Rock giftware distribution center by helping maintain the warehouse, assist with shelf product replenishment, product unpacking and repacking, sorting and labeling. Entry Level Warehouse job require candidates to hand pick orders, sort, pack, label, and transport products within a warehouse environment. Admin Warehouse Assistant will also deal direct with customer when needed to change an order, issue refunds or replacements and general customer service. The Warehouse Admin position is responsible for shipping and labeling using proper software.

Work flexible overtime deemed necessary. Assist coworkers in other areas of the warehouse once core duties are complete for the overall success of the entire warehouse team.

The work can get fast-paced so being adaptable to frequent changes on our production lines should be expected. There is lifting, sometimes heavy and you will be standing about 90% of your day. We may ask you to rotate a shift on occasion and (not that often) work on a holiday.

We provide on-going training and development plans at all levels to prepare Team Members for growth and career advancement. We want our future Team Members to have a great attitude, a willingness to learn and the desire to be part of SBI for many years to come.

Minimum Position Requirements

While it’s a starting point for your career with SBI, it is still critically important to our business. You will be the last set of eyes to see our goodies as it gets packed in a case. And there are a lot of ways we pack them into a case!

  • Flexible hours, shifts, evenings, day time & weekends
  • In good physical health. Must be able to stand/walk for up to 8-10 hours (in between legal breaks)
  • Complies with company policies, procedures, and standards of ethics and integrity
  • Stocks merchandise that has been received into specific designated locations
  • Able to individually lift and maneuver up to 50 lbs frequently 
  • Assist other warehouse workers in completing tasks as requested by supervisor
  • Position requires standing, walking and bending on a regular basis on concrete flooring
  • Must have manual dexterity to perform product selection, sorting, wrapping and labeling
  • Computer skills are required to utilize Warehouse Management System scan guns and tools
  • Maintains stock and merchandise area, keeping it organized and clean
  • Maintains a clean, organized and safe work environment by: picking up all debris/trash, sweeping floors regularly, running floor scrubber as needed, mopping bathroom regularly, cleaning equipment when needed, etc.
  • Able to perform janitorial duties as needed. Maintains grounds by picking up papers and trash; cleaning parking lot and entrance to building. Recycle materials as needed. Dispose of trash
  • Pick and pack orders using label picking, ring scanners or paper picket tickets Package products for shipment
  • Package products for shipment

Equipment Used
• Two-wheeler
• Scales
• Labeler
• Computer
• Printer


  • Assist in creating & maintaining a relaxing environment
  • Contribute to the positive energy of the warehouse
  • Teamwork, helpful, and able to understand multi-task, not just follow direction & think ahead
  • Patience, grace, professionalism always
  • Perform other duties as apparent or assigned
  • Present favorable image of SBI through contacts with customers, guests, drivers, vendors, other business associates, and the public
  • Able to follow detailed directions
  • Maintains safe working environment by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations
  • Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities
  • Enhances maintenance department and organization reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments

Required Education:

  • High School is a bonus. Must be 18 or older

Required experience:

  • Previous warehouse experience is an asset, but not required. We are willing to train.

Job Type: Full-time

Job Location:

  • Waterloo Region

Stonebridge Imports is dedicated to making our company a great place for great people to work!

If you qualify for this position, please submit your resume as below:

Please direct all inquiries/apply to Region of Waterloo Community Services
Contact: Kim Richards
Email: employmentontariojobdevelopment@regionofwaterloo.ca

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